Sport and Violence is, to agreat extent, the fruit of the works prepared for the International Congress on Sport History, organized in Seville in November 2005 by the Faculty of Sports Science of the University Pablo Olavide, under the scientific patronage of the European Committee for Sport History (C.E.S.H.)

The main theme of tye Congress - Sport and Violence -, aroused a huge interest, as shown by the over a hundred papers submitted, which approached the subject under many differente aspects, analysisng it both in various points of the History of Humankind and throughout it. Several papers dealing with specific cases having occurred in different places of the world were equally presented.

The Congress was not only devoted to studyng the phenomenon of violence caused by sportspeople themselves or by those attending sport spectacles; several papers dealing with some of the sports traditionally deemed to be "violent" were equally presented. Besides, the were many studies devoted to sport in violent social enviroments, such as war periods, totalitarian regimes that use sport as a political weapon, etc.

The Congress Precceding were published the very day of the Closing Ceremony. The text we are now presenting means a further step in view of studying and the subjet in greater depth. On the other hand, this book is the first one being published by the new-born Faculty of Sport of the University Pablo Olavide of Seville, the fruit of the work of some of the most prestigious authors in the field of Sport and Physical Activity History.