Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Types and Causes of Injuries
Chapter 2. Treating Sports Injuries
Chapter 3. Preventing Sports Injuries
Chapter 4. Head and Face
.Head Injuries
.Facial Injuries
.Rehabilitation of Head Injuries
Chapter 5. Neck and Back
.Acute Neck and Back
.InjuriesNeck Paid
.Back Pain
Chapter 6. Chest and Abdomen
.Chest Injuries

.Abdominal Injuries

Chapter 7. Shoulder
.Acute Shoulder Injuries
.Chronic Shoulder Disorders
.Rehabilitation of Shoulder Injuries
Chapter 8. Elbow and Arm
.Acute Elbow Injuries
.Elbow Overuse Injuries
.Rehabilitation of Elbow Injuries
Chapter 9. Wrist, Hand, and Fingers
.Hand and Wrist Injuries
.Finger Injuries
.Rehabilitation of Hand and Finger Injuries

Chapter 10. Pelvis, Groin, and Hips
.Acute Injuries to the Pelvis, Groin, and Hips
.Pain in the Pelvic, Inguinal, and Hip Region
.Rehabilitation of Injuries to the Pelvis, Groin, and Hips
Chapter 11. Thigh
.Acute Thigh Injuries
.Thigh Pain
.Rehabilitation of Thigh Injuries
Chapter 12. Knee
.Acute Knee Injuries
.Knee Pain
.Rehabilitation of Knee Injuries
Chapter 13. Lower Leg
.Acute Lower Leg Injuries
.Chronic Lower Leg Pain
.Rehabilitation of Lower Leg Injuries
Chapter 14. Ankle
.Acute Ankle Injuries
.Pain in the Ankle Region
.Rehabilitation of Ankle Injuries
Chapter 15. Foot
.Acute Foot Injuries
.Foot Pain

A text and reference for those practicing sports medicine, including sports medicine specialists, team physicians, athletic trainers, and sports physical therapists.