Taking Teacher Education Outside the Box - The John Cheffers Story

Thomas Martinek


In 1974 my career path abruptly changed.  After seven years of teaching in the public schools I made the decision to begin work on my doctorate at Boston University. This was a major career change for me motivated by a strong need to help improve physical education in the schools. To do this I saw myself in a position at a university or college where I could prepare others to be great teachers. It was at Boston University that I met John Cheffers who became my advisor, mentor, and friend.  Our partnership was to become one where I learned more about myself, kids, and the unique role that physical activity and sport could play in helping children and youth become what Robert Coles calls “good people.”  He was one of the very few professionals in our field who sought to better understand the human condition of young people.  He knew the challenges that youngsters faced, especially those that resided in underserved areas of our cities and rural communities.

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Mancini, V. H., Cheffers, J. T., & Zaichkowsky, L. D. (1976) Decision making in elementary children: Effects on attitudes and interaction. Research Quarterly, 47(1), 80-85.


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